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About Us

EDU-Connect is a Valencia Community College business entity designed to provide learning innovations for today’s rapidly changing educational landscape. Our mission:

  • create scalable web-based development programs for faculty, administrators and staff and market them to a national and international audience as the foundation for creating a learning college culture.
  • create and market other innovative educational products employing web-based technologies.

Issues and Solutions
Higher education is facing a number of challenges in the new millennium:

  • Shifting focus from teaching to learning to assessment of learning
  • Supporting faculty in the integration of the new learning technologies
  • Engaging large numbers of adjunct faculty in the learning college culture
  • Dealing with current and pending faculty and administrative retirement
  • Loss of state and federal revenue coupled with increasing numbers of students

Strategies for addressing these challenges are multi-faceted. The EDU-Connect strategy is to focus on scalable, online products and programs designed to further the establishment of a learning college culture by addressing assessment, adjunct and new faculty engagement, and integration of technology. EDU-Connect products and programs are:

  • Collaborative (modeling the development of interactive online learning communities)
  • Scalable and affordable (cost effective for large numbers of learners)
  • Web-based (convenient anyplace/anytime learning for participants)
  • Facilitated (faculty-faculty or faculty-student learning and mentoring)
  • Electronic case studies (utilizing problem-based learning techniques and leveraging the power of story)

The initial product from EDU-Connect is an online workshop for new and adjunct faculty called Teaching in the Learning College, with versions for community college and university faculty and TAs. The workshop is offered via Scenarios™ (), the interactive, case study/problem-based learning software from WisdomTools, Inc. and Indiana University. Scenarios™ employs established active learning techniques that are embedded within a story, or scenario, the meaning of which unfolds through events revealed over time. Martin Siegel, founder of WisdomTools and Professor of Education at Indiana University, Bloomington, explains why the storytelling framework of Scenarios™ is a powerful learning tool:

"Through the use of compelling stories—highly engaging experiential and cultural narratives—we move learners beyond content mastery and memorization to judgment and deep insight.”

Future products include Scenarios-based professional development courses for college leaders (Leading Change in the Learning College) and staff (Serving Students in the Learning College) as well as a number of special topic Scenarios-based workshops and student materials.