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Teaching in the Learning College Courses
The initial product from EDU-Connect is an online workshop for new and adjunct faculty called Teaching in the Learning College, with versions for community college and university faculty and TAs.

What is Teaching in the Learning College?
Frequently Asked Questions Microsoft Word FileTeaching in the Learning College FAQs (DOC 40KB)

How Much Does the Course Cost?
Pricing Plans Microsoft Word FilePricing Plans (DOC 52KB)

Which Colleges Are Offering The Course?
The following colleges and universities are among those currently offering Teaching in the Learning College courses to their faculty. The educators managing the delivery of the courses have graciously agreed to discuss deployment and other issues with you. Please contact them Microsoft Word FileCurrent_College_Clients (DOC 31KB) at your convenience.

  • The Art Institutes
  • ILCCO (Illinois Community Colleges Online) Learning Academy
  • Miami-Dade Community College
  • Tyler Junior College
  • The University of Cincinnati
  • The University of Minnesota
  • Valencia Community College

What Do Participants Say?
(Text, audio and video clips of Valencia participants -- in progress)

Tell Me About The Pilot Research
Valencia Community College piloted several cohorts of Teaching in the Learning College in the spring and fall of 2001. The results were very positive. An internal newsletter summary of the pilots, Faculty Development Goes Online Microsoft Word FileFaculty Development Goes Online (DOC 26KB) by David Hosman describes the results. A complete research report Microsoft Word FileValencia Scenarios Research (DOC 64KB) was presented to the CDLT along with an executive summary Microsoft Word FileScenarios CDLT Report – Executive Summary (DOC 29KB).

What Publications Refer to The Courses?
Excerpt from John Tagg, The Learning Paradigm College, 2003, pp. 149-154, Anker Publishing ( ), Bolton, MA

“More recently, Valencia has attempted to expand the potential reach of faculty development with the support of technology. Using software developed for online faculty development courses, Valencia has piloted a problem-based Internet course…”

Excerpt from P. Nellis, D. Hosman and C. Armstead, in G. E. Watts (Ed.), Web-Based Faculty Development Using Time- Revealed Scenarios, in Enhancing Community Colleges Through Professional Development (New Directions for Community Colleges Series, ERIC, Number 120, Winter 2002), John Wiley and Sons/Jossey-Bass, San Francisco

I Want to Learn More courseinfo the Course Software and PBL
While Scenarios™ is the name of a specific problem-based learning software from WisdomTools, Inc and Indiana University, the utilization of “scenarios,” stories and case studies as valuable tools for fostering reflection, judgment and deep insight is well documented in a number of online learning and problem-based learning resources.